Energy Optimization
& Solutions

Certified Energy Manager

As an Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager®, Drake Integrations is skilled at implementing the latest energy management strategies for electrical, mechanical, process and building automation systems. Energy Optimization for your facility often begins with an energy audit or assessment to provide quantitative and qualitative data on how your building's energy systems are performing and what energy conservation measures may be financially or operationally beneficial. Energy audits vary in degree and complexity as defined by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) into 3 specific categories.

ASHRAE Level I Audit -
Walk Through Analysis

The ASHRAE Level I Audit is considered a simple "walk-through audit" and serves as a basis for further energy optimization discussions. Tasks will include a physical walkthrough of the facility, discussions with building operating personnel, review of facility utility bills, and a basic understanding of the building's energy systems and any operational problems. The Level I Audit will provide a high level report featuring your facility energy benchmark, potential low cost/no cost energy conservation measures and optimization opportunities based on the assessment and an outline of any applicable incentive programs.

ASHRAE Level II Audit -
Energy Survey and Analysis

The ASHRAE Level II Audit provides a detailed survey of your building energy systems and operations and the financial impact of recommended energy conservation measures. Systems evaluated will include HVAC, Lighting, Domestic Hot Water, Building Envelope, Plug Loads, Compressed Air and Process Uses as applicable. The audit will include a site assessment with discussions with building representatives (owners, managers, operators, occupants) to understand the building operations. Energy consumption by end use and peak energy analysis will be quantified to provide a baseline of energy use and utility costs. An assessment will be performed of the lighting, air quality, temperature, ventilation, humidity and other conditions that could affect energy performance and occupant comfort. Energy conservation measures will be identified and a detailed report and financial analysis will be completed.

ASHRAE Level III Audit

The ASHRAE Level III Audit is often called an "investment grade audit" and is performed to further validate Level II audit recommendations. Since opportunities for energy savings can result in large capital and construction investments, further analysis is often needed to support the financial and operational impact. With the Level III audit, data is trended and analyzed over time using building modeling software to predict energy cost savings from the recommended energy conservation measures.

Building Energy Modeling

Drake Integrations is proficient at performing whole building energy simulation and modeling using EnergyPro and EnergyPlus tools. These tools allow for complex modeling of energy consumption including heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and plug and process loads along with water use to determine energy efficiency. Our team also has experience with ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager and Benchmarking tools to establish your facility's baseline energy performance. With this data, we can assist in setting goals for future performance, prioritize investments, conduct ongoing measurement and verification of improvements, and report this information in both a financial and operational perspective. We can assist your team in calculating your ENERGY STAR score and gaining the ENERGY STAR certification for your building.

Energy Analytics

Drake Integrations is a proud Supporting Partner of the U.S. Department of Energy's Smart Energy Analytics Campaign. The campaign encourages the use of a wide variety of commercially available Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) technologies and ongoing monitoring practices to help uncover potential energy-saving opportunities and improve building performance. In addition, Drake Integrations is in development of in-house technologies to assist our clients with building energy management. We look forward to sharing with our future clients our vision for Energy Analytics. In the meantime, our team offers a wide range of professional energy engineering services serving many of the building energy management platforms and product lines.